✔️ Scaling solutions built to work for the long run

✔️ Millions generated in revenue for long-term clients

✔️ Brands benefit from our dedicated in-house Account Managers, Digital Specialists, Copywriters and Graphic Designers

✔️We work in SCRUM teams which provides clients with a committed, consistent service

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Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader

Why do clients stay with Social Nucleus for years?


Want to find out what is possible in one year with Social Nucleus?

Want to Find Out How We Can Scale Your Facebook Ads to Increase Sales and Brand Awareness?

Our results don’t happen by chance. We help eCommerce brands achieve next level results with their paid ads using our custom funnel method.


“So far our return has been £312,000, which is amazing!”

- Kirsty, Managing Director at Write From The Heart


What's Achievable for Your Business in One Year?

Wondering what's possible for your business in just one year? Well, when you work with us, a lot is possible.

Our FREE strategy calls are the perfect opportunity for you to chat with our in-house experts about your current business set up and discuss what you're aiming to achieve going forward. We can share an insight into how we work and look at creating a plan to work together on achieving your goals.

We really could help you achieve numbers like these in one year and beyond ↓

Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader

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How We Do It?

How We Do It

Indepth Onboarding Process

our 14-day onboarding process and 25 page+ onboarding journal takes your brand through competitor research, customer profiling, SWOT analysis, a website audit, creative research and more.

Step 1

How We Do It

Custom Funnel System

after years of growing our knowledge and working with the industry’s best minds, we’ve developed our custom paid ads funnel system that makes contact with your customers every step of the way.

Step 2

How We Do It

Continuous Testing & Optimisation

we leave no stone unturned. We work on your account daily, testing new angles, optimising existing material and scaling when the time is perfect.

Step 3

How We Do It

Ongoing Churn on New Creatives

we’ve got an in-house team of experienced creatives who work on all our clients on an ongoing basis to provide a consistent churn of new creatives for testing. Constantly pushing the boundaries with new copy and content ideas to your brand standout.

Step 4

Step 5

How We Do It

Supporting Marketing Services

we strive to become the only marketing partner you need. Along with paid ads, we offer email marketing, organic social media management and Shopify support.

Want to Know More About How We Can Help You?


- Mohsin, Director at ImagineX Furniture

“The work ethic and effort they put in is just great”

What Our Onboarding Process Looks Like

In order for us to achieve the best possible results for our clients, we have a 14-working day onboarding process.

This begins with a call between you and our Head of Client Services before you’ll get the chance to hop on a call to meet your entire dedicated in-house team.

Once your introductory calls are complete, we kickstart with our bespoke onboarding journal which includes the following:

Website Audit - What needs changing?

Ad Account Audit - How are things looking? Where can we optimise?

Competitor Research - What are they doing that works?

Customer Profiling - Detailed customer stories we can target

Pain Point Analysis - What's going on that our customers care about?

SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business

Product, Pricing and Sales Strategy - What products are selling at what prices?

Content Research - What's working and what do we need?

Copy Research - What do customers want to hear?

Once we complete our onboarding process, our in-house creative team get to work creating new, custom copy and content for launch, designed specifically to suit the audiences we’ve chosen to start with. You’ll be kept updated every step of the way with regular calls, emails and messages from your Account Manager to let you know how things are coming along.


Find Out What We’ve Been Achieving for Clients Over the Last Year

From an 85% increase in ROAS in month 1 to generating over £400,000+ in just 3 months for one client, this is what we’ve been working on for our clients recently.

ImagineX Furniture

85% increase in ROAS in month 1 equalling over £134,000 in conversion value in 30 days.

Sustainable Fashion Retailer

1,961% increase in revenue in first 5 months working with Social Nucleus = £311,024.28 in revenue.

Dog Accessories Retailer

Consistently achieving £10,000+ over their revenue target on a monthly basis.

Cosmetics Brand

6% increase in revenue and 22% increase in orders in one year.

Over £1m in revenue in two years working with Social Nucleus.

Car Fragrance


Footwear Retailer

£2,791,626 in revenue in 18 months & 85,000 orders with Social Nucleus


Sustainable Clothing

1,950% increase in revenue in the first 5 months with Social Nucleus.


Massage Gun

Over $900,000 generated in revenue in the first year with Social Nucleus.


Furniture Retailer

85% increase in ROAS & 517% increase in sales Year on Year.


Animal Care Brand

257% increase in revenue in year one with Social Nucleus.


5-Star Results in One Year with Social Nucleus

We're all about letting the numbers do the talking. We create long-term relationships with our clients to allow us to scale sustainably over time and generate the best possible results.

Let's get a call booked in and see what we can do for you.

Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader

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85% increase in ROAS in month 1 equalling over £134,000 in conversion value in 30 days.

In 12 months, we’ve generated £1m+ worth of conversions on Facebook.

Write From The Heart

€449,000+ worth of conversions in the first 3 months.



Generated over £107,000+ worth of conversions at 4+ ROAS in 3 months.

From start up to 2000+ purchases a month worth £60,000+.


4.73 ROAS and £63,000+ worth of conversions in month 2.

Cosmic Crystals

What Can We Offer You?

Complete Paid Advertising Strategy

Regular Performance Reporting

Supporting Marketing Services

Fully functioning Facebook, Instagram and Google ads, built using our custom funnel method + ALL the competitor, creative and insight research behind our work.

Enjoy in-depth, regular performance reports + progress plans from your dedicated Account Manager.

Boost your marketing strategy with our additional services such as our 360 email marketing plan and organic social media management.


- Mohsin, Director at ImagineX Furniture

“The work ethic and effort they put in is just great”

Who Are We?

We’re a team of experienced, passionate advertising specialists. An in-house team of enthusiastic Facebook Specialists, Account Managers, Copywriters and Content Creators; together we provide an unbeatable service that betters your sales and skyrockets your ROI.

Our specialism is supporting eCommerce brands in scaling their paid advertisement strategies by taking away all the hard work.

Our process is to do the hands-on work for our clients and to let them continue doing what they do best – running their business.

A results driven agency; we never tie you into a long term contract.

We’re so confident in the results we can deliver, we know you’ll stay for the long run.

Whether you’ve tried Facebook advertising before and had no luck or you’re struggling to know how to scale your account, you’ve come to the right place.

Ready to Get Started?

We’re ready to chat about your new marketing strategy, are you?

Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

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We can run through your current account, provide a full audit and discuss a strategy that will turn your ad spend into sales.

Simply fill in your details using the form and find a suitable time and date to speak with our account manager Matt and let's scale your business!

Ready to Scale Your Sales?

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Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader

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DISCLAIMER: Although the figures and the results you see on this page are 100% real and genuine, results like these are never guaranteed. We do not promote these numbers with the intention of promising or guaranteeing these results to every business. Our custom advertising methods really can be this effective but there are a number of factors that mean these figures aren't possible for every business. We share these figures for example purposes only and to showcase what CAN be possible. These figures are not overnight successes, this is an essential thing to accept when joining us for this process.This page is not created or endorsed by Facebook or any business associated with Facebook.