How we helped this Womens Fashion Retailer generate £1.5m in sales in our first year of working together

✔️ £1.5m+ in sales in one year

✔️ £476,312.48 worth of sales across the 3 months

✔️ £550,949.41 worth of sales in Q4

✔️ 63% increase in sales compared to the year before



Women’s Fashion Retailer Case Study

This women’s fashion retailer came to us in June 2020 wanting to scale their Facebook ad account.

They chose us as their advertising partner because of our proven experience and strong reputation for profitably scaling ad accounts.

The client had already been running Facebook ads for quite some time and had some really valuable data on the account.

They wanted to move away from managing their own account so they could focus on other elements of the business.

Their priorities when joining us were:

- Ongoing new and fresh creative tests

- Scaling the account with new audiences – not just increasing the budget

- Working cohesively with the in-house marketing team

- Regular contact and accurate reporting

Our Method

To kickstart our relationship with this client, we took them through our in-depth onboarding process which included our 25+ page onboarding journal, including:

  • Website audit – what needs changing?
  • Ad account audit – how are things looking? Where can we optimise?
  • Competitor research – what are they doing that works?
  • Customer profiling – detailed customer stories we can target
  • Pain point analysis – what’s going on that our customers care about?
  • SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business
  • Product, pricing and sale strategy – what products are selling at what prices?
  • Content research – what’s working and what do we need?
  • Copy research – what do customers want to hear?

Heading into Q3

As this client started with us in June, we really kickstarted our advertising efforts together at the start of Q3, the perfect time to start with a fresh strategy.

As the client had some good ads running already, the first step was optimisation: increasing budgets, identifying winning audiences and results, duplicating performers and switching off non-performers.

Once we had the current ads running at their best, we started to weave in new tests. With weekly creative and technical audits taking place for the account, we had a constant stream of new copy, content and audiences being fed into the account to help scale on all levels.

Our key goal for Q3 was to help the client achieve increased total sales in comparison to Q3 the year before, so after 3 months of aggressive scaling with new tests weekly and optimisation daily, we couldn’t have been happier to see the numbers.

With the help of our multi-channel marketing strategy, encompassing Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, we helped this client achieve £476,312.48 worth of sales across the 3 months – that’s a 109% increase in sales compared to Q3 2019.

From the graph, you can see how we increased the flow of sales during months that the brand had found notoriously slow in past years.

Q4 Performance

Heading into Q4, the biggest (and best) quarter arguably for eCommerce businesses, we were excited to help this client scale their advertising even further. Once again, we wanted to beat the total sales achieved in Q4 the year before but this time we also wanted to increase on the performance of the quarter just gone.

Although we were regularly auditing, optimising and scaling this account already, Q4 took this testing to new heights.

With an increased workforce in-house here at Social Nucleus, we had more hands on deck than ever before to help this client achieve those really big numbers.

In October, we started talking to this client about their Black Friday strategy so we could get to work on this early. Once that was all planned and ready to go by early November, we then started thinking about our Christmas campaigns – always working one step ahead to maximise sales during key times.

Our creative team were particularly busy during Q4 for this client, churning out ongoing new copy and content to be tested not just during the peak trading times but outside of these too, keeping our output consistently fresh and high quality.

Our technical team were also super committed to the account, optimising daily and following our results-led scaling method that allowed for regular new tests and budget increases.

With all of this effort and all of these techniques taking place throughout the quarter, we couldn’t be happier to see the results at the end of December…

We’d achieved both of our goals: beating Q3 performance by £70,000+ and increasing total sales year on year by 81% - a results that both the client and us were thrilled with.

New Year, Same Big Numbers.

Heading into Q1, we knew results may slow due to general demand from consumers at that time of the year but thanks to our close monitoring and results led scaling, we still managed to keep the account profitable throughout Q1.

Although our total sales did decrease compared to Q4, we helped the client achieve a 50% increase in sales compared to Q1 the year before.

We’re now working through our 4th quarter with this client, marking nearly a full year of working together and total sales of £1.5m+ in that time – a 63% increase in sales compared to the same time period the year before.

We love working with this women’s fashion brand and are just as passionate about achieving their business goals as they are.

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