How we scaled a fitness brand's revenue by 14,070% using paid ads during the Q4 period

New customers 9005

Blended Roas 2.3x

17,485 orders

$1,6000,959 in revenue

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Founded in 2022, this brand came to us in early September with a new, revolutionary at home smart cupping massager that had not longed launched. They got in contact as they saw a huge gap in the market for an at home, smart cupping therapy device and wanted to aggressively scale the product globally.


New Customers

Blended Roas




FB Roas


We were able to achieve such results with such a newly established eCommerce brand by taking over their whole digital marketing strategy, creating an omni channel approach. We launched on paid advertising platforms, optimising their email and SMS marketing. This allowed us to scale aggressively to find which platforms were performing best.

We were able to combine our creative department with the client's in-house team to optimise on UGC (User Generated Content), producing multiple pieces of content to scale. We used Motion Ads to monitor and decide which creatives worked best, creating a constant flow of new iterations based on winning creatives. We looked into metrics such as thumbstop ratio, CTR, hold rate and average watch time to identify which creatives were working and why.

Merging creative testing at scale and our omni channel infrastructure, we were able to produce incredible results quickly for such a new online business.

Methods Implemented

It has been a fantastic journey so far with this brand and we look forward to 2023 as we carry on scaling throughout the year, testing new creatives and trends on multiple platforms. With hope to look back YoY with astronomical results.

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