How we scaled this brands revenue by 388% to £3,057,907 in 12-months

£3,057907 in Revenue

Orders up by 530%

MER improved by 415%

Sales up by 388%

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Partnered since December 2021 | Paid Ads & Email Marketing


Founded in 2017, this British-owned fashion brand provides stylish essentials for the whole family.

Originally established as a menswear brand, they have grown into an instantly recognisable label, expanding to womenswear, kidswear- and even pets!



Sales up by

Orders up by


MER improved by


Methods Implemented

This expansion into family-focussed fashion prompted the need for digital marketing expertise - so they came to us in December 2021. The next step was to build up a consistent and instantly recognisable brand across their marketing channels.

By creating a tailor-made strategy for paid social ads, paid Google ads and email marketing, we’ve been able to scale this client to new heights in our first year of partnership.

They’ve seen record-breaking results across all relevant social media platforms, recording a 136% revenue increase and 17% conversion rate increase in August 2022- less than a year since onboarding with us.

To achieve such results, we engaged in aggressive audience and creative testing, as well as daily account optimisation, drawing from website traffic, engagement and previous ad data. We strategically tested funnel-specific audience groups, ad creatives and copy, as well as User Generated Content (UGC), scaling ads that were working with larger budgets and simultaneously testing fresh content to build up the account.

Creative is more important than ever in 2022, and we kept up with this seismic shift to dynamic creative testing on ads. We developed a consistent process of creative iterations, taking high-performing ads and creating new variations to test. By making one tweak at a time to existing creatives, we could then find ‘winning’ ads that granted high conversion rates, click-through rates and thumbstop ratios. We utilised Motion Ads to develop data-driven decisions to optimise ads identified as top performers.

We also created a streamlined email marketing strategy, creating regular campaigns and specialised automations that appealed to the customer base and boosted engagement. This brought in £214,056.47 in email-attributed revenue in 2022.

The fruits of the brand-building initiative for 2022 truly appeared in full form in Q4. After a successful October, with £368,375 in sales and 7,164 orders, a 15% off Black Friday campaign was launched on ads and email, which continued into Cyber Monday. The client’s total orders for November more than doubled from the previous month, with 15,113 orders bringing in £685,252 in sales. The total revenue brought in during Q4 totalled an incredible £1,537,681, with 32,798 orders and 29,187 new customers.

Q4 Success

These remarkable Cyber results for this client ended our first year together on a high, with £3,057,907 in sales, 62,642 orders and an MER of 35%.

Heading into the new year, our journey together has been nothing short of groundbreaking - and we’re excited to secure an even better year for the brand in 2023.

Ending the year strong

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