How we helped this cosmetics brand go from £68k a month to £1,891,735 and grow 129% in 2 years

£1,904,846 in revenue

Orders up by 136%

Conversion rate up by 72%

Sales up by 104%

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Founded in 2016, this iconic cosmetics brand was created to fill the gap of originality in the beauty industry, creating products that their customers would not be able to help but stare at! Initially, this brand solely focused on false lashes, which were enthusiastically endorsed by multiple beauty influencers on YouTube and Instagram. This led to significant growth for their social presence, and they expanded the brand’s products to makeup, beauty tools and accessories.


Sales up by

Orders up by


Conversion rates improved by


Methods Implemented

We gained these results by optimising existing data shown via website traffic and previous advertisement results, replicating this across all channels. Our Account Managers were able to analyse the core audience and went on to create a funnel-based strategy. No stone was left unturned in regard to reaching new audiences across Instagram and Facebook, and continually appealing to existing customers to build customer loyalty.

With the nature of the brand predominantly appealing to female audiences aged 18-30, this brand went on to capitalise on platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok. We used trending UGC content produced by influencers and our in-house team of Digital Content Creators, accompanied by strong ad copy which reflected the brand’s image and tone of voice.

Despite the ongoing success, we were already seeing across the account that we knew it wasn’t time to take our foot off the gas when approaching the biggest marketing event of the year: Black Friday 2022.

By continually scaling the account and implementing data-driven campaigns across all relevant social media channels, by the end of the BFCM rush we saw an increase in sales by 84%, website sessions up by 54% and an increased conversion rate of 23%.

Black Friday 2022

We are beyond proud of the success that this client has achieved, truly becoming an innovative and cutting-edge brand and defining an era of the online beauty community. Our work truly paid off, giving stellar results, and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for this client.

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