• 7,392 orders from August - December
  • 58% increase in online conversion rate in 5 months.
  • 16% increase in average order value
  • Average blended ROAS of 6.44 for August - December

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Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader


How We Took This Client From £3k a Month to £307,196.26 in 5 Months.

From £3k a month to £70k a month in 90 days

Jon, the Founder of men's sustainable clothing brand, Sutsu, got in touch with us at the start of July. He had been running a few ad-hoc Facebook ads for his business himself but wasn't getting the results he wanted to needed.

Jon wanted to be in a position to grow other areas of his brand and paid ads were taking him away from this. He wanted to start steadily to ensure profitability and build from there.

When we started working on the account at the start of August, Sutsu had generated £1,709.70 worth of sales in Facebook in a month in July.

Month One with Social Nucleus

After taking Sutsu through our in-depth two week onboarding period, it was time to launch the account at the start of August.

We launched with a steady budget, spending just £153.00 in our first week. We quickly saw that these products were popular with consumers and knew we had the scope to scale within what was profitable for the brand.

By the end of month one, we'd implemented a huge amount of new content and copy to allow for aggressive audience testing. We finished the month with a Facebook spend of £2,589.15, 232 sales and an average Facebook ROAS of 3.06.

Combine this with our advertising efforts across Google and Snapchat too, we finished the month with a total of 544 sales worth £21,108.71 for August. A 86% increase in revenue compared to the month before.

Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader

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Month Two - September 2021

Heading into month two, we'd began to build some great trust with Jon and the team at Sutsu and they gave us plenty of scope to start gently scaling.

We continued to implement new audiences, copy and content and quickly started to find some winning creative combinations. We discovered that DPAs with review copy really was our winning combination, so during our daily optimising, we duplicated these ads to maximise on their potential.

By the end of the month, we'd upped our spend to £5,024.30 and generated 449 sales at a 3.38 ROAS on Facebook alone. Once again, adding in our other marketing channels, we finished with total sales of £44,744 at a blended ROAS of 8.90.

That's a 111% increase in monthly revenue + a 9% increase in AOV.


- Violet, Owner of Jewellery Retailer

“Great team to work with. Highly recommend!”

Month 3 - Bigger and Better

Heading into October and our third month of working together, we really had the leash to push the budget now. We understood what was profitable for Sutsu and how to achieve it. We continued to build on what we knew was working creatively, tested new audiences, copy and content and optimising the account daily to ensure we were maintaining the optimum ROAS.

October can be a touch and go month for paid ads with a lot of consumers holding on to their money until November but we certainly didn't see a slow in results for Sutsu. By the end of October, we'd spent a total of £10,702.67 on Facebook alone, generating 846 sales worth £26,018.44. Combine this with our other paid platforms, we finished the month with total sales of £73,640 from 1,693 orders and an average blended ROAS of 6.88 for the month.

Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader

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Black Friday Success

After a consistent month on month growth since working together, we were excited for what Sutsu could achieve in November and over Black Friday.

Due to the sustainable and affordable nature of Jon's business, a huge sale for the period was not an option. So, the client created a limited edition two-piece collection and promoted this alongside repurposing an existing 10% discount used in retargeting.

Well, big discounts weren't required here to bring in the results as we saw a 24% increase in total revenue in November compared to October, as well as a 18% increase in online conversion rate. Facebook ads alone generated a huge 776 orders.

Total Stats with Social Nucleus for 2021

In 5 months, we've seen incredible growth with Sutsu. In our 5 months working together, we've generated a huge £307,196.26 in total revenue using Facebook, Google and Email. We have seen an impressive 7,392 orders and 58% increase in online conversion rate compared to the 5 months before we started working together.

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Heading into 2022, our relationship with this client is better than ever.

We’re excited to push forward with our partnership and make 2022 their best year ever. With that type of growth in just 5 months, we're going to be using a tailor made strategy of audiences and creatives to allow us to scale this client to new levels.

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1,961% increase in revenue in first 5 months working with Social Nucleus = £311,024.28 in revenue.

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Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader

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