• Startup to £24,000 sales in month one
  • 12,000+ orders worth £316,000+ in first ever Q4
  • £1,564,000+ worth of sales in first 8 months of trading

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Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager


How We Generated Over £1.5m+

in Sales for SkinGlow Within Their First 8 Months of Trading

A year of sparkling success with SkinGlow

One of our favourite challenges here at Social Nucleus is helping promising start-ups grow. Mike from SkinGlow came to us in early 2020 with his beauty start-up, wanting to establish a sustainable, reliable source of sales from social media.

We’ve now been working with SkinGlow for nearly 12-months and have achieved results that are years ahead of what Mike and his team could’ve ever hoped for.

Why did SkinGlow choose us?

This client was looking for more than just an agency to run ads – they were looking for a marketing partner.

Mike wanted to put the full responsibility of his social media advertising into the hands of someone he could trust. From our in-depth onboarding process that starts on day one to our ongoing weekly scheduled calls and extensive reports, Mike knew he could have full control of his business’ advertising without having to be hands on.

Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

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Launching SkinGlow's advertising

When SkinGlow came to us, they may have been a start-up but they had big plans and the resources to put them into action. They approached us with the following all ticked off:

Long-term plan

Amazing products (+ plans to add more)

✓ Products made and shipped to a UK fulfilment centre

✓ A solid supply chain to cope with demand

✓ Ad budget for growth

✓ Content for use (backed up with our in-house team)

✓ Website built with custom content

✓ Back end sales system

✓ Email automation

✓ SMS automation

✓ Customer service team

With all these things in place, we got to work on our 14 working day onboarding process including:

Website audit – what needs changing?

Ad account audit – how are things looking? Where can we optimise?

Competitor research – what are they doing that works?

Customer profiling – detailed customer stories we can target

Pain point analysis – what’s going on that our customers care about?

SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business

Product, pricing and sale strategy – what products are selling at what prices?

Content research – what’s working and what do we need?

Copy research – what do customers want to hear?

Once we’d completed our onboarding process, our in-house creative team got to work creating copy and content for our soft launch.

Why did we do a soft launch?

We knew this brand had big potential and we didn’t want to break the systems we had in place which would cause us to have to scale back spend. We started on lower budgets to build results slowly, sending manageable traffic to the site while we reviewed the customer experience on site, order fulfilment and delivery.

After launching our Facebook ads slowly but steadily in April, we generated £24,000 worth of sales – not bad for a first month! The client was really pleased with the results in April and gave us instruction to scale – so we did. With the UK still in lockdown, online shopping was at an all-time high, so we knew this was the perfect time to go big.

Here’s what the end of May looked like:

Heading into June, we knew that summer often brought with it a dip in sales as people spend more time outside and on holiday. However, the results allowed us to continue to scale and we achieved some great results:

Q2 was only the start of something massive for this client. We spent £219,912.03 on ads and returned £720,947.57 in sales giving the client an attributed ROAS (return on ad spend) for the quarter of 2.92. Overall ROAS was at 3.27.

“Safe to say we love this agency and highly recommend. They go above and beyond in every area, out of hours calls, always in contact, friendly approach”

– Mike, SkinGlow

Heading into Q3

As we moved into Q3 together, we also launched Google and Snapchat ads for SkinGlow, as well as handling their email marketing – we really are a fully functioning marketing partner.

Q3 was also the quarter where we really levelled up our creatives. With our in-house creative team growing, we upped our game when it came to user generated content and we saw this pay off in the results.

By the end of September we’d achieved £466,256.22 worth of sales on Facebook and Instagram alone.

“These guys take care of everything and even offer advice on other areas of our business. They handle our content, Facebook ads, google ads and SMS”- ★★★★★

Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

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Why does our process work?

After the results of our first 6 months together, SkinGlow is the perfect example of how and why our process works.

What we do is based on trust. We’re all about accountability – we work off our clients’ ad accounts, so they can see exactly what we’re doing and when. Each of our clients has a dedicated Account Manager who they can speak to whenever they like, on top of their weekly scheduled call.

Because of our transparent approach to working together, we gain trust from our clients and the results only make this stronger. We know what we’re doing and we do everything for a reason, trust the process and see the results.

Ending the year on a HIGH

Heading into our 3rd quarter of working together, we had big plans for SkinGlow in Q4.

With new products ready to launch throughout the Black Friday and Christmas period, Mike and the team at SkinGlow instructed us to handle all things marketing for them during this busy time. We made sure the following was in place for this busy period:

✔️Brand new copy and content for all the key events

✔️Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Google ads approved weeks before Black Friday

✔️Email marketing set up and automated

✔️SMS marketing set up and automated

✔️Website copy and content optimised

✔️Content for organic social media

All of our hard work paid off as we achieved BIG results for SkinGlow in Q4 and ended the year on a real high.

Check out these numbers:

Total spend for Facebook, Google & Snapchat = £85,903.56

Total conversion value = £243,011.95

Add in email marketing, SMS marketing and the sales driven from our organic social media content, here’s how Q4 looked in total:

We couldn’t be happier with how SkinGlow’s 2020 turned out.

From what started as paid social media ads, we’ve formed an ongoing partnership that has resulted in catapulting this business years ahead of what they thought possible.

Want to know how much we generated in total with all our channels between April and December?

Here you go:

“Trust the process, work on your business with them and you'll see the results!” - ★★★★★

From April – December 2020, taking all our channels into account, we generated 68,000+ sales worth over £1,564,000 for SkinGlow – we helped them officially achieve over £1m in sales in under a year of trading.

Heading into our second year together, there’s more products in the pipeline, bigger creative ideas on the drawing board and more advertising platforms to explore. Does your new business tick all the same boxes as SkinGlow?

If you’ve got a substantial business plan in place to take your brand to new levels, with our help of course, then get in touch.

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