How we scaled a beauty retailer's customer base using paid ads in just 12-months

YoY revenue up by 523%

Conversion rate improved by 61%

Returning customers up by 10.52%

19,956 orders

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This client has been serving its customers since 2002 with professional hair & beauty products and supplies from famous, industry leading brands. Since launching it has steadily grown its digital audience and presence, partnering with us in a bid to really take their paid digital marketing strategy to the next level.


YOY revenue up by

Conversion rates improved by


Returning customers

up by


Methods Implemented

This brand had already built up a great social following and client base, so it would be a case of leveraging existing customers and retargeting interested potential customers. We optimised their top of funnel campaigns to bring in new customers who may be interested in the brand and products, utilising aggressive audience targeting and testing to find the right people.

It's been a great journey so far working with this brand and we are so excited about what the future holds for them. We'll be continuing to build up their customer base on paid ads, whilst optimising retargeting and other channels to improve LTV (Lifetime Value).

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