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How we helped this brand go from £4,000 a month to £3,854,521.40 and grow 517% within 18 months.

- £3,854,521.40 in revenue in 18 months

- 6,404 Purchases

- 7.36 Average ROAS

- 517% Sustainable Growth

- £3,854,521.40 in revenue in 18 months

- 6,404 Purchases

- 7.36 Average ROAS

- 517% Sustainable Growth

Another 1 Year + Client ✔️

Who Are We?

We are not a ‘churn and burn’ agency. This case study is just another example of a 1 year+ relationship we’ve had with a client, a list that continues to grow month on month… And we can prove it (Use the form and ask us for more long-term case studies).

We’re not just a vendor who looks after your ad account. We work on your whole business with you. CRO, Email, SMS, creative, copy, brand audits, competitor research, data scraping, and so on. All of which goes in a shared drive for total transparency! We’re not here for quick wins and fake tactics. We’re here as your plug-in marketing department build for scale. We want you to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

We’re a team of experienced, passionate advertising specialists. An in-house team of enthusiastic Paid Specialists, Account Managers, Copywriters and Content Creators; together we provide an unbeatable service that betters your sales and skyrockets your ROI.

Our specialism is supporting eCommerce brands in scaling their paid advertisement strategies by taking away all the hard work. Our process is to do the hands-on work for our clients and to let them continue doing what they do best – running their business. A results-driven agency; we never tie you into a long-term contract.

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Our results don’t happen by chance. We help eCommerce brands achieve next level results with their paid ads using our custom funnel method.


“So far our return has been £312,000, which is amazing!”

- Kirsty, Managing Director at Write From The Heart


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- Mohsin, Director at ImagineX Furniture

“The work ethic and effort they put in is just great”

As with every client, we put this brand through our in-depth 14 day onboarding and launch process. Developed in-house by our team of eCommerce advertising professionals, our unique onboarding process includes a 25 page+ journal, completed over 14 working days by Account Managers, Digital Specialists, Copywriters and Graphic Designers.

Our onboarding journal acts as a written resource for both us and the client. A record of important details that help us to form the perfect launch strategy including customer personas, product research and brand analysis.

Website Audit - What needs changing?

Ad Account Audit - How are things looking? Where can we optimise?

Competitor Research - What are they doing that works?Customer Profiling - Detailed customer stories we can target

Pain Point Analysis - What's going on that our customers care about?

SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business

Product, Pricing and Sales Strategy - What products are selling at what prices?

Content Research - What's working and what do we need?

Copy Research - What do customers want to hear?

We used the onboarding process for this client as an opportunity to have an in-depth look into other competitors within this busy market space. Pairing these findings with what we also learnt about our customers, we were able to craft a bespoke launch strategy with specific copy and content to suit hand-picked audiences within the top, middle and bottom campaigns of our funnel.

Onboarding & Launch

How Did We Do it?

This client came to Social Nucleus looking for a Marketing Department. The owner had been wearing too many hats and wanted to concentrate on what he was good at… product! He had a solid solution for fulfilment, customer service, and all the back-end needed to scale successfully.

What he didn’t have was any marketing expertise.

He wanted scale and fast. We also needed to make sure the scale was sustainable.

At Social Nucleus we always work towards long term success. No hacks, no gimmicks. That’s where we stepped in and provided him with a new dedicated in-house team consisting of an Account Manager, Paid Specialist, Graphic Designer & Copywriter.

We had formed into his plug-in marketing department built to scale. We got to work! Our first full quarter with this client was Q4 2020.

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Accounts Team Leader

Katie Warren

Q4 2020

We built a full funnel that concentrated on raising the AOV of all orders.

The more we could get customers to spend on their order the more profit per order we make.

We managed to raise the AOV by 27% in just one quarter, whilst also driving scale with revenue up by 94% and generating £928,523.27 in sales & 1,290 purchases within our first full quarter working together.

This was a record month and quarter for this client!

ImagineX Furniture

85% increase in ROAS in month 1 equalling over £134,000 in conversion value in 30 days.

Sustainable Fashion Retailer

1,961% increase in revenue in first 5 months working with Social Nucleus = £311,024.28 in revenue.

Dog Accessories Retailer

Consistently achieving £10,000+ over their revenue target on a monthly basis.

Next up, Q1 2021

On the back of a huge Q4 it’s always difficult to try and keep the pace up.

We dropped spend but still managed to keep huge scale that had not been seen during this period before.

We returned a huge £621,327.02 in sales & another 1,086 purchases. This left us 617% up YoY.

Q2 2021

Another big quarter.

We managed to maintain scale and sales even through one of the most turbulent periods that advertising has seen in years thanks to iOS14.

When the update was released officially in March 2021, we saw a huge drop in conversion from the back end of ads manager (as I’m sure you did).

We adapted to the news ways of working and managed to maintain on the previous quarter. Creative elements of our work becoming even more important than before as targeting dwindled.

Q3 2021

This quarter brought a slight drop in revenue MoM as we geared up to scale ad spend in Q4 looking to hit our record month and quarter!

We still managed to finish 20% up YoY as we smashed through this client's best ever year (by far).

Generating £576,646.29 in sales and another 925 orders, this was our lowest quarter of the year so far but this was to be expected when leading Q4.

We’d now been working with this client for just over a year. We know everything about them making the transition into Q4 seamless for both us and the client. He concentrated on product and back end; we did the rest.

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Accounts Team Leader

Katie Warren

Q4 2021 - Ending The Year On A High

By the end of Q4 we were closing in on 18 months working together. We had a number of meetings with the client to ensure we were all aligned with our Q4 plans.

Thanks to this, we saw a huge 33% jump QoQ and out biggest quarter of the year! Generating £765,087.74 and bringing in 1,104 orders.


After 18 months of working together, these are the results we've generated for the client:


-6,404 Purchases

-7.36 Average ROAS

-517% Sustainable Growth

Another 1 Year + Client


- Mohsin, Director at ImagineX Furniture

“The work ethic and effort they put in is just great”


85% increase in ROAS in month 1 equalling over £134,000 in conversion value in 30 days.

In 12 months, we’ve generated £1m+ worth of conversions on Facebook.

Write From The Heart

€449,000+ worth of conversions in the first 3 months.



Generated over £107,000+ worth of conversions at 4+ ROAS in 3 months.

From start up to 2000+ purchases a month worth £60,000+.


4.73 ROAS and £63,000+ worth of conversions in month 2.

Cosmic Crystals

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Great Results Start With Great Conversations...

Accounts Team Leader

Katie Warren

Strategy for the Next Year

Heading into our second full year of working together, we now have great growth and strong customer insights under our belts. As we move forward together, we plan to take their success to new heights in the new year. Our strategy for 2022 is to test, optimise and scale.

Scaling is all about how much the client can handle, and this year we have scaled on a monthly basis. Going forward we want to scale as much and as frequently as possible.

Retargeting has proven to work extremely well for this client. Because of this, we plan to build on this and optimise where we can with new creative angles. We have also discovered a large amount of TOF audiences that produce a high level of results, so using these audiences in a rotation throughout the year will be completed whilst testing new audiences that are similar to top performing ones.

We have discovered that raw content performs best here, so this will be implemented alongside new audience testing.

Key focuses for this client next year will be:

- Building and optimising retargeting angles

New home buyers audience targeting

- More testing of edited graphics to find winning angles

- Maximising promotions around Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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