How we helped this brand grow from 11k a month to £1,458,385 and grow 9364% in 18 months

Sales up by 332%

Orders up by 300%

MER improved by 30%

Revenue up by 9364%

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Partners since August 2021


A strong start in 2021

The founder of this sustainable streetwear brand reached out to us in the summer of 2021, needing a secure paid ads strategy to ensure healthy growth. We soon saw the sheer popularity of the brand’s products with consumers and knew we had the scope for profitable scaling.

By continually testing new audiences, copy and content, this client generated £307,196.26 in revenue by the end of 2021, with a 58% increase in online conversion rate in the 5 months we’d been working together.


Sales up by

Orders up by


MER improved by


Bigger and better in 2022

By using a tailor-made strategy of audience and creative testing on Facebook, we’ve been able to scale this client to new levels this year. We worked towards a £100k monthly target, building on what we knew was working and optimising the account daily to ensure we maintained the optimum ROAS.

With the brand going from strength to strength over the course of 2022, we were excited to see what they could achieve in Q4 and over Black Friday.

Due to the sustainable nature of this brand, a huge sale was not an option. They instead opted for an exclusive collection for Cyber Weekend, promoting this alongside a 10% discount.

Sizeable discounts clearly weren’t needed here, as we saw a 41.9% increase in total revenue in November compared to October, with the client generating £152,024 in sales.

December was another incredible month, with £174,901 in sales and a 5.36 blended ROAS - taking the total Q4 revenue to £439,461, with 9,008 orders, 7,028 new customers and a 4.7 blended ROAS.

Q4 Success

We’ve certainly seen successful growth with this client in 2022. Over the course of this year, they’ve grown to incredible new heights, generating £1,136,234 in sales, 24,424 orders and 18,772 new customers. They’ve more than doubled their 2021 success, with a 332% increase in total revenue.

Looking at the fruits of our partnership since August 2021, this client has seen their sales triple over the course of our time working together - their total revenue of £1,458,385 is a 332% increase compared to the previous period. Orders have also tripled compared to pre-partnership, with 31,994 orders and 25,340 new customers. Their MER stands at 21%, and their average LTV is £57.

Moving into 2023, we’re excited to push forward with our partnership and secure an even more successful year for the brand.

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