How this shoe brand achieved a yearly revenue of £1,950,642 after 2 years of onboarding with us

Blended Roas 5.57x

Total orders 49,863

£1,950,642 in revenue

Returning customers 19.96%

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Onboarding with Social Nucleus back in 2020, this fashion brand is bringing both trending styles and edge to the table.

Unsurprisingly, the brand obtained a huge soar in popularity due to their iconic take on the 90s-inspired platform shoes, boots, and sandals, making them the renowned brand for “levelling up your look”.

With their collection of fierce footwear and stand-out branding, it seemed they had the perfect formula to grab the attention of their target audience. All that was missing was the help from digital marketing specialists…



Total orders


Returning Customers


Methods Implemented

The end goal was to establish this client amongst a heavily saturated market of competitors and gain a dedicated audience. To make this goal a reality, our expert team of Account Managers consistently optimised existing data from previous website engagement and campaigns, which lead to an increase in sales up by 130%, an average order value by 6%, and a returning customer rate of 68%, all in just two years of working with Social Nucleus.

We were able to achieve these ground-breaking results by creating multiple strategies across several social media platforms with our creative team expertly crafting the client’s tone of voice via a funnel-based system, therefore no stone could be left unturned regarding reaching the ideal target audience.

But the fun didn’t stop there! Over 2 years into their successful development with Social Nucleus, we aimed to continue with these results during the biggest marketing event of the year: Black Friday 2022.

By strategically planning in advance and scaling the account accordingly, we were able to increase total sales up by 38%, overall orders by 49.4% and net profit by 124.7%, across the Black Friday weekend.

Black Friday 2022

It has been an honour having this brand as one of our longest-standing clients to date, and it has been an incredible journey watching them grow as a brand.

We look forward to seeing what’s next in store and furthering the success we have already achieved.

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