• 8.10 ROAS = £119,000+ worth of sales in 30 days
  • $472,000+ worth of sales in 4 months
  • 3,000+ sales in first 4 months (this was just the US site, we ran to EU/UK too)
  • increased ROAS by 52% in our first month of working together

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Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader


How We Generated Over 3,000+ Orders Worth Over $470,000 in

4 Months

Helping this tech brand race ahead of their annual targets

We’re proud to help a diverse range of eCommerce brands here at Social Nucleus. We don’t have a ‘type’ when it comes to clients – we can help any brand, with any product, if they tick our boxes.

✔️3-6 month plan for Revenue and Growth

✔️A realistic marketing budget

✔️SMS & Email marketing to be utilised throughout

✔️Customer service solution set up

✔️Fulfilment local to shipping/quick shipping times

✔️Stock and product plans in place to scale

✔️Have a clear TOV & brand image

✔️Regularly updates websites with both our requests and other requirements

From beauty brands to clothing brands, start-ups to blue tick clients, we can help everyone.

Just like we helped this technology brand, the stockists of just one product, their GPS performance box for cars.

Why did they choose Social Nucleus?

The owner of this brand came to use in September 2020 with a common problem.

They were getting good results through Facebook advertising but they didn’t know what to do next. The client was also selling his product on Amazon and needed help scaling social media advertising to become a sustainable source of sales.

The owner saw the results we’d achieved scaling other clients and wanted us to do the same for his business.

He liked our no fixed-term contracts and how we work on a monthly rolling basis, so if things didn’t work for any reason, he wasn’t trapped into using an agency he didn’t want to be with.

Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader

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Launching our work

As with every client, we took Dragy through our 14-day onboarding process. During this time, we complete the following:

✔️Website Audit - What needs changing?

✔️Ad Account Audit - How are things looking? Where can we optimise?

✔️Competitor Research - What are they doing that works?

✔️Customer Profiling - Detailed customer stories we can target

✔️Pain Point Analysis - What's going on that our customers care about?

✔️SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business

✔️Product, Pricing and Sales Strategy - What products are selling at what prices?

✔️Content Research - What's working and what do we need?

✔️Copy Research - What do customers want to hear?

Once we complete our onboarding process, our in-house creative team get to work by creating copy and content for our soft launch.

Not only did we recommend working together on Facebook, but we also offered to support their Google ads too.

In October, we got to work on both Facebook and Google.

We optimised what was already working and added our own new ads in too.

The client achieved 192 sales at a 2.55 ROAS in September before joining us.

This is what results looked like at the end of October:

On Facebook, we achieved a fewer sales but increased ROAS by 52% in our first month of working together.

We also started running Google, achieved a 3.06 return on spend.

Heading towards Black Friday

Before the start of November, Anthony, the Account Manager, had already been speaking to the client about a Black Friday strategy.

We’d been working throughout October to ensure we had all the creatives we needed for Black Friday ready, so we could have all ads built by the first week of November.

We did this for all clients to ensure ads were reviewed and approved by Facebook in time for Black Friday.

We created bespoke creatives for Facebook and also ensured our Google ads aligned with the Black Friday messaging and pricing strategy.

Did you know we have a FULL creative team in-house?

We believe in the importance of continuous testing of new copy and content which is why we’ve spent years building the ultimate in-house creative team.

Our Copywriters, Graphic Designers and Creative Strategists our all highly qualified and experienced in their roles, helping us to deliver top quality creatives for our clients.

We scaled the account slowly throughout November, based on results we were seeing and had a big push towards the end of the month.

Here’s how we ended November:

With some strategic, results-led scaling on Google and Facebook, we achieved a huge month on both platforms.

Facebook = 21% increase in spend resulted in 96% increase in conversion value

Google = 150% increase in spend generated 1180% increase in conversion value


Constant refreshed creatives – we provide fresh copy for our client’s accounts every week.

We also generate new content ideas to feedback to the client or request we create in house.

Continuously testing new audiences – we don’t just find a few winning audiences and stop. We’re always testing new audiences and angles on Facebook and Instagram.

Multi-platform approach – we may specialise in Facebook advertising but we see huge results on other platforms too including Google and Snapchat.

External research – we don’t just focus on what our clients are doing but we keep an eye on their competitors too. We perform in-depth competitor research upon onboarding and regularly throughout our time working together so we’re always in the know with what’s hot.

Katie Warren

Accounts Team Leader

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Festive success for this client

After the success of November on Facebook and Google, we knew we were heading into December strong.

Throughout November, Anthony had been having weekly scheduled calls with the client's team to discuss current performance and also plans for December. He worked with the client to discuss a pricing and messaging plan for our festive ads and also get in the know with any potential stock or distribution issues.

We had Christmas ads ready to go on December 1st on both Facebook and Google. This preparation paid off as we were able to scale massively in December, a month where results can easily take a dip.

With our results-led scaling strategy, we achieved huge results for this client to end the year on, including an increase in not just spend but sales, ROAS and conversion value.

Facebook = scaled spend by 68% and increased conversion value by 116%

Google = increased spend by 216% and increased conversion value by 193%

Throughout our time working with this client, we have been running ads via Facebook and Google to their website across the UK, US, EU and Australia. On their US site alone, our ads generated a massive 3,000+ orders from September to December worth over $470,000.

We’d built up a huge amount of trust with the team and we moved into the new year ready to achieve even bigger and better things in 2021.

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We’re a team of experienced, passionate advertising specialists. An in-house team of enthusiastic Facebook Specialists, Account Managers, Copywriters and Content Creators; together we provide an unbeatable service that betters your sales and skyrockets your ROI.

Our specialism is supporting eCommerce brands in scaling their paid advertisement strategies by taking away all the hard work.

Our process is to do the hands-on work for our clients and to let them continue doing what they do best – running their business.

A results driven agency; we never tie you into a long term contract.

We’re so confident in the results we can deliver, we know you’ll stay for the long run.

Whether you’ve tried Facebook advertising before and had no luck or you’re struggling to know how to scale your account, you’ve come to the right place.

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