How we helped this cosmetics brand generate 3,000+ sales worth £105,746.70 over their first Black Friday with us

✔️ 382% increase in Facebook sales in one month

✔️ 3,000+ sales worth £105,746.70 in November 2020

✔️ 59% increase in sales in Q1 compared to the year before

✔️ 6,783 sales worth £204,024.69 in Q1



Cosmetics Brand Case Study

This client came to us in October 2020 as they weren’t happy with the results from their current agency.

They were a global cosmetics brand with an organic social following over half a million – these guys should’ve been flying with paid ads.

Their results were dragging from month to month and the ROAS was nothing to shout about.

They wanted to scale up and have results from paid advertising that mirrored their organic.

We spoke to this client for weeks before agreeing to run paid ads alongside their current agency for a few months until their contract ended, at which point they’d look at all the results and make a decision on how they wanted to move forward – we had 4 months to make this account rocket.

Results Pre-Social Nucleus

The month before joining Social Nucleus (October 2020), this client achieved a total of 1,956 sales worth £63,186.85 – however only 205 of these sales could be attributed to Facebook.

The client didn’t feel these numbers were enough given the spend they were putting in and wanted to see paid adverting really levelling up, particularly with Black Friday approaching.

Our Method

When this client came on board, we took them through our in-depth 25+ page onboarding journal which includes a whole host of research into competitors, customers, creatives and more. We make suggestions for the website, ad account and produce brand new copy and content for ads to launch with.

  • Website Audit
  • Digital Audit – Facebook, Google and SEO
  • Competitor Research
  • Customer Profiling
  • Pain Point Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Product and Pricing Breakdown
  • Content Research
  • Copy Research
  • New Launch Copy and Content

We focused our launch ads around Black Friday to ensure we could get these built in early November so these could be approved and ready for the big day.

By doing all this research and getting prepared, we managed to hit the ground running and take on Black Friday with a bang.

By the end of November, the client had achieved a total of 3,064 orders worth £105,746.70 – 990 of which came from Facebook ads, that’s a 382% increase in sales from Facebook in just one month.

2,165 Sales worth £68,368.82

Heading into December, we anticipated a slight drop in sales after the Black Friday rush but were still keen to beat sales figures for October, before the client started with us.

We worked on all new creatives in-line with the client’s Christmas marketing messaging and got these ads live as soon as Black Friday ads were turned off so the switch was seamless.

We optimised the account daily throughout December and scaled where results allowed it.

By the end of the month, the brand had achieved 2,164 sales worth £68,368.82 – an 8% increase on October’s results and a 1% increase in revenue compared to last December.

Taking on Q1

Heading into Q1, we knew we faced 3 months of ups and downs – like every eCommerce brand does in January – March. Customers typically tighten their belts and shop less, especially for non-essentials and throw in the UK’s 3rd lockdown, we knew the cosmetics industry could take a dip.

However, we worked with the client to market the brand in a way that felt affordable, exciting and still relevant in preparation for the world re-opening. We created new copy and content that pushed discounts and multi-buy offers to tempt customers.

We monitored the account daily and optimised where required, increasing budget on performers and switching off dead wood. We also created scaling plans when results allowed it and implemented efficiently.

The total for Q1 was better than we hoped with 6,783 sales worth £204,024.69 for the 3-month period, a 59% increase on revenue compared to Q1 the year before.

Heading into Q2

Heading into our second full quarter working together, this brand has chosen us as their SOLE marketing agency, doing all their paid advertising work – thanks to the results we achieved in the first 5 months.

We have weekly strategy and results calls with the client to discuss scaling plans, new creatives and how we can take the account to new levels. We have even started assisting this client with user generated content to keep the account constantly refreshed with new faces and content.

With £304,000 worth of sales already in the bag for this client this year so far, we’re on track for their biggest and best year ever.

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