How we helped this client make £443,064.77 in the first 3 months

✔️ £443,064.77 total revenue in 3 months

✔️ 13,010 Facebook sales in 3 months

✔️ On track to achieve £1m+ sales in 2021




This client came to us in December 2020 with their online baked goods business, selling boxes of ready to eat treats, targeted at a busy, 20-30 year old audience.

They had a big organic presence on social media and really wanted to take their brand to the next level with the help of paid ads. They ticked all the boxes for a client we knew we could scale to new heights:

- Great quality products that customers love

- Good looking, well-functioning website

- Reliable fulfilment set up

- Plans to expand the brand and develop new products

- High quality raw creative assets

- Clear brand guidelines

- Reasonable and realistic marketing budget

- Desire to scale and grow

Our In-Depth Onboarding Process

We took the brand through our in-depth onboarding process which included our 25+ page onboarding journal:

Website Audit - What needs changing?

Ad Account Audit - How are things looking? Where can we optimise?

Competitor Research - What are they doing that works?

Customer Profiling - Detailed customer stories we can target

Pain Point Analysis - What's going on that our customers care about?

SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business

Product, Pricing and Sales Strategy - What products are selling at what prices?

Content Research - What's working and what do we need?

Copy Research - What do customers want to hear?

Launching with Social Nucleus

We started running ads for this client at the end of December. Prior to this, they had been running a handful of Facebook ads which were doing well but their funnel was far from fully built out. In November, the account had just 4 performing ads live. These ads contributed to a total profit for the business of £52,368.55 for the month of November.

With a few stock issues standing in our way, our launch in December was a very gentle one. We started to build out a more substantial funnel and started to collect data on a lower budget until stock levels were where they need to be.

Roll on January... Stock levels were back up to optimum and the budget was available for us to push hard. We went live with our new campaigns and tested new creatives throughout the funnel multiple times a week.

By the end of January, we’d achieved 3,622 sales through Facebook alone worth £77,218.10. at an average 3.16 ROAS. This contributed to total sales of £117,679.00 for the brand for the whole of January.

Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

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February - Valentine's Launch

February brought with it new launches for Valentine’s Day. Limited edition launches and short time discount codes were exactly what we needed to help scale the account throughout February.

Although it was a shorter month, we had big aims to achieve an even higher income for the brand than in January. We created new content and copy every other day, optimised the account on a daily basis and scaled whenever and wherever results allowed us to.

Our aggressive but conscientious way of scaling paid off. We achieved 4,582 sales worth £97,209.60 in just 28 days at an average 2.68 ROAS. Although we saw a slight dip in ROAS, this level of performance was still profitable for our client and contributed to a total of £144,151.57 for February.

March - Easter Launches

After the success of our new launches in February, we knew our Easter launches were likely to be just as successful. We knew exactly what had worked and what hadn’t worked in February, so we could streamline our scaling approach in March and hit even bigger numbers.

With more creatives being churned out for the account by our in-house team than ever before to support the new Easter launch, it was all hands on deck throughout March to keep the account growing. The client’s dedicated Account Manager and Technical Specialist worked on the account daily, turning off non-performers and scaling campaigns with promise.

Our Facebook and Instagram campaigns contributed to the client selling out of their limited edition stock before the Easter weekend even rolled around but this wasn’t a problem...

We adapted our strategy quickly and seamlessly to focus on an Easter discount on ‘normal line’ products to keep the momentum going to the end of the month.

In total, Facebook generated 4,806 sales worth £106,128.20 in March. Contributing to the client’s overall takings for the month of £181,234.20 – their biggest monthly taking since working with us.

3 Months with Social Nucleus

After our first full quarter of working together, our work on Facebook generated this client a total of £261,592.30 at a 2.72 ROAS – a hugely profitable return for this baked goods business.

After turning over a total of £443,064.77 in the first 3 months of this year, our client is now well on track to take over £1m this year... possibly even within the first 6 months.

This success is the result of a combination of things:

- Our unbeatable in-house knowledge and experience

- The commitment of our team to success for our clients

- An unshakeable relationship between the client and our team – total trust

- A reliable business plan from the client – good fulfilment, great products, strong customer service.

We can’t wait to continue our relationship with this client and really scale this account to the next level. Want to find out whether these types of results are doable for your business?

Get in touch with the team today and let’s talk.

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Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

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