How did we sell this client out twice but still achieve £424,000+ in 8 months?!

✅ £427,949.42 of sales in 2021

✅ 3.77 blended ROAS for the first 8 months of the year

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This client came to us in at the end of 2021 with their one product website. They sold an anti-ageing cream and wanted to use Facebook as their key source of sales.

They had some existing customer content and some data on the account that we could build upon, as well as some great results. In December 2020, they achieved £41,961.86 in sales.

We knew we wanted to maximise what was already working for this client whilst also adding in our own tests to really ramp things up.

We spent the last couple of weeks of 2020 taking this client through our in-depth onboarding process to really get to know them and make sure we had everything we need to design an effective launch.

Our In-Depth Onboarding Process

We took the brand through our in-depth onboarding process which included our 25+ page onboarding journal:

Website Audit - What needs changing?

Ad Account Audit - How are things looking? Where can we optimise?

Competitor Research - What are they doing that works?

Customer Profiling - Detailed customer stories we can target

Pain Point Analysis - What's going on that our customers care about?

SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business

Product, Pricing and Sales Strategy - What products are selling at what prices?

Content Research - What's working and what do we need?

Copy Research - What do customers want to hear?

Launching with Social Nucleus

We launched our ads at the start of January. We optimised the existing ads on the account to make sure we were keeping performing audiences and creatives running at a profitable level.

We turned off anything that was bringing the account down and launched new campaigns with our new launch strategy. We produced new copy to pair with new audiences that we believed would perform well. We paired these with existing content to further maximise what was already working.

We optimised the account on a daily basis to keep the ROAS at an optimum level and ensure we caught anything that was getting fatigued and turned it off quickly. We produced new copy and content throughout month one and tested it regularly alongside new ad sets in our testing campaigns.

By the end of month one, we’d achieved 1,896 orders worth £59,562.33 with a ROAS of 3.32 (£17, 889.36 ad spend).

We were so pleased to have achieved a bigger first month that the month before… however, this influx in purchases did sell the client out by the first week of February. So, month two was about restocking and planning to go again.

Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

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Back in stock and ready to go!

By the start of March, we were restocked and ready to go. We relived our previous best performing audiences and ads, as well as some refreshed copy promoting that our ‘sell out product’ was back in stock.

Creating new, relevant creatives that felt current and engaging really helped us relive the account with a bang. As always, we optimised the account on a daily basis to ensure nothing was over-fatigued or dragging us down.

We continued to implement new creatives and by the end of March, we were starting to climb back up.

We achieved 878 sales worth £22,046.95 with an ad spend of £7,037.76 = ROAS of 3.13 for the month.

Growing Success

We continued to push month on month, implementing new copy and content, testing new audiences, optimising top performers.

We tapped into relevant themes and events such as seasonal copy and holiday angles as we headed into summer.

Here’s how the next couple of months went:

April: £23,337.92 (5.20 ROAS)

May: £57,727.95 (4.08 ROAS)

After a couple of big, profitable months, we did start to struggle with stock levels again, so we scaled back a little in June, producing 641 orders worth £16,414.32 with a ROAS of 5.39.

Heading into summer strong

As this was the second time a lack of stock had slowed us down, the client really invested in huge amounts of stock by the end of June, allowing us to really push the boat out in July.

We needed more creatives than ever, so produced banks of relevant, seasonal copy and content to test alongside existing top performers in both new and existing ad sets.

We optimised the account daily and scaled the budgets regularly throughout the month, always looking at where it would be most profitable for us to scale, based on the results in front of us.

July turned out to be our biggest month ever, ending with a huge 4,075 orders worth £108,890.65, achieved with a ROAS of 3.92 for the month.

With the increased levels of stock available to us, we were able to continue scaling into August, increasing our spend from £27,000 in July to £37,000 in August.

We also ran a highly successful bank holiday sale in August, alongside our seasonal summer and holiday angles, all of which helped us to achieve our biggest month ever.

5,256 orders worth £135,795.81 with a monthly average ROAS of 3.61.

So, that brings us up to now. On the cusp of Q4 and ready to really scale this client to all new levels.

The real takeaway of this client’s journey is that without stock, there is no advertising success – you can’t sell what you don’t have!

However, we have also shown here that running out of stock doesn’t have to put an end to your advertising journey. With a properly executed strategy and a lot of commitment, you can work your account back up to a successful level after having to pull back.

We work with our clients through these challenges to make the right decision for their business but also to provide our advice in these scenarios to avoid having to face this predicaments over and over again.

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Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

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